Mandatory [M]

Master Thesis

The master thesis project is carried out under the supervision of one of the faculty members and involves – at a first stage – the identification of the research topic/ technological problem to be addressed and the research of literature for existing state-of-the-art. The output of the project, namely the description of the research area, […]

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Design of Wireless Networks

Objective The course aims at a comprehensive presentation of the analysis and design of existing and new wireless communication networks. The area of wireless communication is one of the most dynamic areas in the communication field. The course covers the wireless channel characteristics and the transmission and reception techniques developed to cope with the channel […]

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Wireless and Satellite Communications

Objective The objective of the course is a comprehensive presentation of the analysis and design techniques of wireless and satellite communication links. The course includes two sections. In the first section we attempt a review of fundamental concepts of antenna technology and electromagnetic propagation. An analytic description of propagation aspects in current wireless communication systems […]

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Mobile Communication Networks

Objective The objective of the course is the presentation of modern mobile communication networks architecture and technologies. At the end of the course, the students will be able to analyze and evaluate main principles and planning design options for mobile communication networks. The students will work on a small project in a relative subject of […]

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Broadband Communications

Objective The objective of this course is to study broadband network architectures, focusing on the most recent developments in the evolution of communication and computer networks to the next generation and key enabling technologies. The first part of the course addresses the requirements, technological advances and limitations in the design of broadband networks and the […]

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Pervasive and Embedded Systems

Objective The key objective of this course is to present a good understanding of embedded systems architecture as well as a detailed methodology for the multilayered design of embedded systems and their applications, with main emphasis on network embedded systems and pervasive applications. Main topics covered are the understanding of communication processors and system architecture, […]

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Distributed Systems and Network Programming

Objective The objective of this course is to familiarize students with the main principles and concepts of Distributed Systems and Network Programming. The course will comprise lab exercises. The first part of the course focuses on Distributed Systems and aims to combine fundamental knowledge and basic principles of distributed systems with the practical (hands-on) experience […]

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Computer Networks Design and Management

Objective The course “Computer Networks Design and Management” aims at teaching the contemporary methodologies and technologies in the areas of design and management of computer networks. In this context, network design problems are presented and properly formulated, whereas algorithms for their solution are presented, developed and validated using commercial software packages. Furthermore, the fundaments of […]

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